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Hey,  I don't spend all my time finding ways to save money.   :o)

I am also a proud Dental Hygiene graduate!  If you are wondering exactly what a Dental Hygienist is and what we do, please check out my What is an RDH? page!

If you are an RDH or DH student and have not already found Amy's RDH List  I highly recommend it.  Amy Nieves, RDH created this website over 7 years ago when she was a DH student, and has expanded it over the years to the truly incredible resource it has become.  You will find discussion groups for both RDHs and student RDHs from all over the world, salary lists, CE listings, clinic videos, and tons more.  You really need to check it out!

I am dedicating this space to Dental Hygiene information.  There is so much I never knew until I started the DH program.  I hope to share some things that will be helpful to everyone.

 Ask your Dental Hygienist to screen you for oral cancer at every visit. 

    It could save your life.

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 Some helpful tips to keep in mind on your next trip to the dental office:

  • The doctor or hygienist should always put on clean, new patient gloves after you enter the room!  If you do not see them put on a new pair of gloves just for you, ask them to please put on a clean pair of gloves for your safety. (This is something that ALL doctors should be doing and the majority do, however you do not want to be the patient whose doctor or dentist does not follow basic infection control guidelines so always be aware!)
  • Do not be afraid to ask your dentist or hygienist exactly what they are doing and why.  Most are very glad to let you know what your condition is and what you can do to improve it, if necessary.  After all you are the only one who can truly control your health, and we are glad to give you ideas to make it easier for you whenever we can.
  • If you are uncomfortable or anxious for any reason, please let your dentist or hygienist know.  There are so many different products these days that we can use to make your visit much more relaxing and comfortable.  Happy, healthy patients are our #1 goal!

Did you know...

* plaque (a sticky invisible film) forms on your teeth within 30 minutes of brushing!

* plaque that is not removed from your teeth will use the minerals in your saliva to form tartar (also called calculus) that is hardened and must be removed by a dental hygienist

* plaque and tartar act as harbors for bacteria - if not disrupted daily, the bacteria multiply

* there are "good" bacteria (which are helpful to your system) and "bad" bacteria (which cause disease) throughout your body and the mouth is no different

* bacteria are bad in 2 ways: #1/they breakdown the carbs and sugars you eat into acids which attack the outer layer of your teeth (this is how cavities are formed!), and #2/bad bacteria also force your body's immune system to react by trying to kill them...but some of the chemicals your body sends out to battle the bad bacteria actually destroy the bones supporting your teeth!

* once part of the bone supporting your teeth is destroyed it will not grow back on it's own, and you will be classified as having Periodontal Bone Loss  and will most likely need expensive treatment and possibly even surgery!

* prevention is much less expensive than repair - seeing your dental hygienist as often as they recommend could save you money, embarassment and pain.

  I appreciate your visiting my website and hope you have found lots of helpful information!   Please sign my Guestbook  and visit again soon.  ~Marianne  :o)

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